Legal-Ease is a full-service records retrieval company.  We specialize in making your discovery process easy. Our goal is always to deliver dependable accurate service. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Records Retrieval

Records can be obtained anywhere in the United States via a HIPAA compliant authorization or by subpoena.
We provide all of the legal documents necessary to acquire your records, including: Notices, Subpoenas, Waivers. Or, if you prefer, we can use any of your legal documents at no additional charge.
We can procure the following:
  • Medical Records
  • Billing Records
  • Employment & Payroll Records
  • Tax Records
  • Social Security Records
  • Autopsy Records
  • X-Ray Films
  • Property Records
  • Accident Records
  • Insurance Records
  • Educational Records
  • Bank Records
  • Billing Records

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