About Us

Legal-Ease is a full-service litigation copy service started by court reporters. Our Partners have been in the legal industry since 1966 and 1971 respectively, for a combined 93 years of experience. After much admonition by clients, they have added document retrieval services to their repertoire.

Since Legal-Ease was created by court reporters, our staff already knows how to give excellent service to the legal community.

Our professional staff is highly trained, using technology to not only make the process quick and efficient, but also to give our clients convenient access to their records. Our attention to detail and our persistence gets the records to our clients in a timely fashion. All of our services can be accessed at reasonable costs.

Our online order form makes the process easy and efficient for our clients. Also, the online download of specialized authorizations can be accessed for ease of obtaining signature by the plaintiff.

We present to you our document retrieval company that will ease your burden and give you an edge in the courtroom. 

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Legal-Ease Digital Imaging, LLC, PO Box 1017, Flint, MI 48501-1017 | Phone: 855-534-4003 / 810-234-7799 | Fax: 810-547-4030