Legal-Ease is a full service record retrieval company based in Flint, Michigan. It’s our mission to provide dependable and accurate service, by partnering with our clients as an extension of their discovery team.

We can obtain records throughout the United States via HIPAA compliant authorizations or subpoenas. Our partners have over 93 years of experience in the legal industry. With this background, we possess an intricate knowledge of the Rules of Civil Procedure as well as HIPAA compliancy. Often we can provide solutions to complex discovery problems.

Our highly trained staff utilizes technology to automate the document retrieval process.


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Legal-Ease Digital Imaging, LLC, PO Box 1017, Flint, MI 48501-1017 | Phone: 855-534-4003 / 810-234-7799 | Fax: 810-547-4030